Oh how fun it was to work with Joani last weekend! Joani is one of the coolest moms I know. She does half marathons, she is a regular story teller with Story District and the author of two fantastic blogs; Unorthodox & Unhinged and Sex & the Single Vicar. To top off all that, Joani is also an Episcopal Priest and is starting to work at the Library of Congress. With a full plate of work, play and everything in between, Joani asked me to come over and go through her wardrobe so that she could put together outfits that will work for the many hats she wears in her day to day life.

Joani’s wardrobe definitely matched her home decor, everything was so bright, funky and playful. I asked Joani to show me a few examples of looks she might wear to the church or to the Library of Congress to get an idea of which choices she makes for her daily looks. Then we had a little fun and played around with other pieces she already had in her wardrobe to mix it up a bit. Below is an outfit Joani has worn to the Library of Congress in the past- definitely a cute look with her black and white patterned dress, a white oxford button down and black flats.


When I think of a black and white outfit, my immediate thought is to add a pop of color! Luckily, Joani already owned these bright red flats, so on they went! I also wanted to add a bit more structure to the look so I layered an awesome denim jacket Joani already owned as well. The result shows off Joani’s spunky and fun personality while still keeping it appropriate for whichever way her day takes her!



Joani then showed me a really adorable light blue top that she had only figured out to wear with one other thing in her wardrobe; what a shame for this cute little top to not get more action out in the daylight! I suggested Joani try and pair it with her black jeans and encouraged her to style the rest. Joani was a bit hesitant to pair black with blue, but I assured her that as long as you can distinguish the black from the blue- go for it!!


I decided that the look needed a bit more interest, so we tried on Joani’s amazing red glasses with the look and it instantly brightened up her face. Her denim jacket is so versatile, I knew it would also look great as the final touch on this look.


Hot tip! It’s ok to wear denim on denim as long as they are different washes (light and dark, blue and black, etc.)




In addition to shopping Joani’s closet by using pieces she already owned to create fresh looks, we were also able to get rid of several things in her closet! Joani had several pieces that either didn’t fit anymore, or were literally straight from the 80s and that just didn’t fit her current lifestyle. By getting rid of 4 tote bags full of unneeded clothes, she was able to free up prime real estate in her closet for more current pieces and things that fit her funky personality better.

Big shout out to Joani for being such a delight to work with and letting me play dress up with her and her lovely closet!

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