Jeneane had been working as a behavioral health nurse at a psychiatric hospital for the last 6 years plus. As if she were the leading lady in the time loop film Groundhog Day, she could don scrubs every single day; making it easy to figure out what to wear to work. Jeneane came to me because she had accepted a new nursing job in Arizona which will be in an environment where she would no longer be wearing scrubs (gasp!) and instead would need to wear business casual clothes (double gasp!)

I offered to create a custom Pinterest board for Jeneane so she could have some ideas and inspiration of what this new wardrobe could be. We met for a free 30 minute consultation to chat more about what she was looking for.  Jeneane explained that she had already thrown out all of her previous clothes that didn’t fit or flatter anymore, and was hoping to find new pieces that would give her a professional look, camoflauge the midsection and make her feel confident in this brand new job. I was really happy to hear that she had already taken this first step, since it can be super tough to get rid of clothes we’ve had around for years. It was exciting for me, however, since I knew that I could help her with a fresh start to find pieces she really loved and spoke to her unique personal style.

Jeneane introduced me to a fashion start-up I had never heard of before called MM.Lafleur; which had the versatile day-to-night, structured and sophisticated look Jeneane was going for. Unfortunately, MM.Lafleur did not have the prices she was looking for, so I took to my laptop and scoured the inter webs for similar structured and sophisticated pieces without the scary price tag. Jeneane also explained to me what pieces she still had in her wardrobe currently- black pants, tan tops and brown sweaters. READ: No color, no patterns, no personality! I decided it was important for me to focus the pieces I chose for her to have more pops of color, various options of patterns and texture to add interest.

As I was compiling these structured and sophisticated pieces on Pinterest for Jeneane, she contacted me and asked if she could also have a “going-out” board made! Of course I was happy to oblige. Jeneane said that she was fine with form fitting pieces and gave the thumbs up on showing a little décolleté.

After unveiling the custom Pinterest boards to Jeneane, she exclaimed, “Oh wow! That is stunning! I’ve already bought stuff! Love it!” With these looks for less that are structured and sophisticated, Jeneane can walk into her new job with confidence. The going out looks are an added bonus to help Jeneane settle into her new home in Arizona.

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