I feel very lucky to call Fan a good friend- and she’s a really great friend to have. She’s always smiling, she has a great laugh, she’s extremely intelligent and she is a great cook! What’s not to love? Fan asked me to help her out because she was in a style rut with what to wear to work. We all get into certain style habits (these shoes always go with this dress, these earrings only go with that top, etc.) and it just takes a fresh pair of eyes to see other possibilities. I went over to Fan’s and had a lot of fun mixing and matching what she already had in her closet.

I started by asking her to show me three typical work outfits she wears regularly.


She looks great in each outfit, they all fit and flatter her quite nicely. But, there’s something missing! There’s no extra flair! Not this kind of flair, but flair meaning accessories such as a great necklace or polished high heels. Basically Fan wasn’t doing anything to express her awesome personality!


Fan said that she really only wore this dress with her black flats and stud earrings. Sure it looks nice and professional like that but look what happens when she adds a great textured gold necklace and patent leather red heels! The outfit pops and Fan looks stunning.







I loved Fan’s adorable orange and blue heart-printed dress! It didn’t need too much added to it since the dress already has a lot going on, so a nude heel and a long gold metallic necklace brought the whole look to life without going overboard.






Fan admitted she wasn’t entirely sure how else to wear these terrific purple slacks with anything else besides her ¬†dachshund printed sweater (which I also loved, admittedly). I encouraged Fan to look for something in her closet that was black and white and she pulled this great top. We decided to add gold dangling earrings and her nude heels to finish the look. She looked like a young professional while also expressing her sunny personality. It was a home run!





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