Stephanie Hernandez, LCSW

It’s a Process

Figuring out what I wanted to do with my life has definitely been an evolution for me. I started out by getting a degree in social work because I’m passionate about empowering people to find themselves and be the best self they can be. In 2011 I started a blog about personal style on a budget called Thrift and Style where I wrote about outfits I put together, DIY projects, and advice about finding items for less. My friends and family took note that I could put together an outfit that felt good and exuded confidence. They started asking for my help weeding through their closets, going shopping with them, or just helping them put together an outfit for events. Combining my passion for helping people find themselves and my love for all things fashion seemed to be the perfect marriage of my talents and interests. Using my experience as a licensed clinical social worker, my goal is to take a therapeutic approach to help you find yourself through discovering personal style, what speaks to you, and makes you feel great.

When you sign up for services, I’ll help you slow down, take some time for self-care and walk through the process at your pace. I’ll draw upon my experience as a social worker and therapist to guide you through the process in a therapeutic and empathic manner. We’ll meet to take a closer look at your closet, chat about your history with clothes and figure out your own personal style by taking into account your personality and lifestyle. Taking time to figure out your personal style can help begin a shift to look at yourself in a more positive and confident way.  LGFG Style services will be stress-free and give you individual attention as I look for the best looks and best deals for you. I enjoy spending time looking for sales and deals because it’s what I love, which means you will get to sit back, relax and let me do all the leg work. You will leave our meetings feeling heard, successful and revitalized.

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